Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Feature: USB OTG Test Review 2015

Review of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus OTG Feature with Ugreen OTG Cable and USB Hub. Tested with USB Disk, Gaming Controller, Mouse&Keyboard, iPhone 6 etc.

Bond Wang
Wow,it’s fantastic,I will try this, Ugreen products look nice.

Ugreen Official
+Bond Wang : Hi Bond, Thank you for your warm words, which is an encouragement for our team.

Bernhard Bauke
What is new here?
I already were able to connect printers, USB drives and input devices to my Galaxy S3 three years ago via USB Adapter!
(I haven’t tried to connect an iPhone…)
What’s special about the OTC feature?

Bernhard Bauke
*OTG feature

Margherita Rossi
Looks great and funny! Learned more application with my Samsung S6 edge plus.

Ugreen Official
+Margherita Rossi : Thanks, so happy that this video help you understand better of your S6. We would keep exploring more interesting things.

Elena Ad
I was pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of this little cable! Maybe I need to get one for my new S6 plus.

Ugreen Official
+Elena Ad : Hi Elena, yes, OTG function does bring much convenience. For OTG cable and OTG hub, it is available at the Amazon store:

Isabelle Le Joly
u ffc

Fran Alejradra
Samsung has been keeping improving their phones. Except its nice curving screen, this on the go function is a plus why I choose S6 other than 6S.

Ugreen Official
+Fran Alejradra : Hi Fran, Thanks. Personally I pretty like the curving screen also. The nice design, improved camera makes it stand out of the crowd.

Fatime Krasnici